CIST – Computer Information Security Technology

Computer Information Security Technology is an Information Technology company that provides large range of services. We mainly focus on new technologies such as

Internet-of-Things (IoT), Digital Integrations, Digitalization, Digital Signage, Big Data, Mobile Device Integrations and so. We provide affordable, beneficial and practical technology solutions.

Computer Information Security Technology provides Customized IT services to fit and improve any business. We are looking to have a long term relationship where we can help your business thrive and prosper.

Computer Information Security Technology can assume the role of your IT department and tech support needs which allows you to focus and manage your own business. We can also supplement your operation

with the proper disaster and recovery solution, network and application development, anti-spam and anti-virus solutions and more.

All services such as BDR, BCP, DRP solutions are designed to help you stay in business and meet today’s challenges. 

We are dedicated to helping our clients meet their business goals through the effective application and management of IT services. We work with small and midsize organizations that seek affordability, simplicity, and performance. Our experienced team offers expert tech support, is able to anticipate problems, and will respond quickly to your needs as they arise. In short, we offer value. When you’re looking for a full-service reliable IT company, high standards are imperative.

Contact us today to learn more about how our IT services can help your business. Whether its cloud computing, data protection, data backups, IT help desk support, E-Commerce Site Design and Development, Web Hosting services or managed IT services we can help. Computer Information Security Technology handles IT services all around the world with the utmost expertise. The corporate headquarters for our technology offices are located in İstanbul and serve clients throughout the any country.

We guide our clients through the decision-making process and implement a solution tailored to their needs. We then provide the continued support necessary for improvements and maintenance in an ever-changing environment.