Digitalization is basicly  means the process of making digital everything that can be digitized and the process of converting information into digital format.

    Digitization, digitalization and digital transformation

    How we work;

    Analyze & Strategy

    Website design project starts with analyze and strategy step. We analyze your business operations and needs then we find the website strategy for your goals. Without knowing you business, no one can reflect your vision.

    Plan & Architecture

    After analyzing your business we start thinking about how we can help you to get more traffic to your website.

    Plan, plan, plan, ACTION…! We don’t lose time by spending to much on planing, we take action right after first meeting.

    Design & Mockups

    We value UX (User Experience), we always have user friendly website. Not every one is technologist, it has to be simple enough for everyone. Functionality of the website and easy to use feature get completed with the layout.

    Coding & Development

    It is the most important thing for us to have responsive ( web site elements and layouts adjust according to the screen size, resolution of the device). We use latest technology to provide this feature. Our websites will work across various browsers, screens, from mobile to tablet and of course desktops. Frontend coding is HTML5 and CSS3. CMS (content management system) give you ability to update your content and media elements just like you are using any office product such as word, excel etc. And it is all realtime, update and view, that is all.

    Quality & Testing

    Here it is you have a website now…! Wrong…! On this stage the real work starts. We make sure that your website is secure, it work on cross platforms, on any device and every browsers. We test your web site to see if it loads fast and it is SEO (search engine optimization) friendly. To get a SEO services please visit SEO services.

    Launch & Improvements

    This is the last stage that never ends. Improvement is a ongoing project that we need your help and instructions. We need to make sure that the site is performing as expected. While we monitor the site statics we need you to stress test the site to check if any thing is wrong such as misinformation, broken links, missing pictures, misspelling etc.